About The Escondido Green Anole

The Escondido Anole lizard (Anolis carolinensis) is a lizard species that has a distinct bright green colorations. Thus, it is also referred to as the green anole lizard. The green anole is a reptile that belongs to the family of iguanas. The species is sometimes referred to as the American chameleon due to the fact that it can easily change its color. An in -depth understanding of its characteristics and care is fundamental since it is among the popular choices that people make for an exotic pet.

1. Physical characteristics.
• The California green anole is a tiny lizard that can measure 4 to 8 inches in length.
• The males are larger than females.
• The males have a pink or red flap underneath their throats called the dewlap.
• The dewlap turns into a fiery red color during territorial displays or when courting a female for mating.
• Generally, the green anole has a narrow pointed head, slender body, long hind legs and thin tails.
• Another distinguishing factor between males and females is that males have two sets of larger scales at the starting point of their tails.
• The lizard species are also renowned for having the ability to shed off their tails and growing a new one in its place.

2. Behavior
• The male California anole lizards are extremely territorial.
• A male can occupy a territory of 3 square yards.
• During their fights for dominance, males inflate their throats, erect crests on their backs, expose dewlaps and position themselves sideways to appear huge.
• Anole lizards are diurnal. They spend most of their time hunting during the day and sometimes bask in the sun.

3. Habitat
• The Escondido green anoles inhabit swamps, woodlands, parks, yards, and other humid forested areas.
• They spend much of their time in trees (semi-arboreal animal).
• They have wide pads covered with microscopic tiny projections on their feet ideal for movement along tree trunks, walls and other vertical surfaces.

4. Diet and lifespan
• Green anole is a carnivore .Its diet comprises of worms, termites, moths, ants, spiders, fleas and crickets.
• Interestingly, green anoles only hunt moving prey.
• Green anole can survive 2 to 3 years in the wild but up to 7 years in captivity.
• The main predators of California green anoles are birds of prey, cats and snakes

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