Wild Animal Removal Services of San Diego County

Professional Animal Pest Control Trapping: 760-444-4398

We provide a wide array of wildlife control services.

Animal Trapping

We humanely catch wild animals in live cage traps and relocate them to the wild.

Building Repairs

We inspect your house to find and repair the open holes animals use to get inside.

Rodents in the Attic

We provide 100% rodent removal and removal of critters in attics.

Wild Animal Removal Services of San Diego County is a professional wildlife control company servicing Escondido, California. We provide animal trapping, rodent extermination, remove critters from attics, perform building inspections and home repairs, and more. We remove squirrels, raccoons, opossums, skunks, snakes, bats, rats & mice, birds, and more. Call us any time at 760-444-4398 to schedule a fast appointment to solve your critter problem.

Are you experiencing a few problems with some pesky pets? We know that you need a service that is both convenient and fast, and that’s exactly what we provide, with available appointments for the day of contact, or the next-day, for less urgent cases. Whether it’s lawn damage, attic noises, or even a weird scent, we’ve got all the tools and training required to put everything right. Moles are just one of the many animals that could cause damage to your lawn, but we’re aware that there are many more animals that can cause the same or similar damage. We’ll identify that problem, not only working out the animal itself; but also popular routes the animal takes, entrance points to underground dens and burrows, and patches of damage that you may not even have noticed yet. Once we’re aware of them, we can deal with them. Once they’re dealt with, you’ll no longer have destruction caused to your lawn. Would you like to know another of our specialties? It’s building repairs that are of an extremely high, professional standard, for both commercial and residential properties. Our repairs and sealing methods will keep all types of wildlife out permanently. Give us a call today for wildlife removal and control that you can really rely on.