How to Scare a Escondido Squirrel Sway

Squirrels are found everywhere. They look cute and their antics entertaining. However they are a menace and create havoc in your garden and home. They can chew wiring, eat plants, dig up and eat seeds. The reproduce rapidly and multiply at an alarming rate. Having a squirrel in your garden can bring them into your home. They shelter in attics, roofs, chimneys and any other place they choose. Squirrels are known to be a health hazard. They increase the risk of salmonella infection. Getting rid of Escondido squirrels is essential and there are many ways of scaring them away. They scare easily and avoid people. Some methods of scaring them away are given below.

• Using Decoys Owls prey on rodents and squirrels are scared of them. Having an owl decoy deters a squirrel. Using stuffed toys as decoys have also been found to be effective. They will have to be moved regularly so that the squirrels do not get used to them.
• Sprinklers Sensor activated sprinklers can keep squirrels away from entering special areas. It is a good method to keep away squirrels. It scares them but does not harm them.
• Strobe lights Strobe lights irritate the squirrels. They are environment friendly and can be fitted anywhere.
• Safflower seeds Safflower seeds in bird feeders deter squirrels. They are bitter to taste and squirrels do not like them. Birds however are not affected.
• Pets A dog or cat can chase away squirrels. Dogs can also be trained to prevent California squirrels coming in.
• Repellents Squirrel repellents are available in the market. They do not affect the plants but deter squirrels.
• Dog or human hair These when strewn in potted plants act as a deterrent.

Homemade remedies to repel squirrels are also becoming increasingly popular. These are harmless and economical. They include using various odors that they do not like. They are
1. Cider vinegar is highly effective in keeping away Escondido squirrels. Immerse cloths in cider vinegar and place them in parts of the home like attic, shed etc. Squirrels avoid these areas. The dipped cloths will have to be replaced often.
2. Spices like white pepper and cayenne discourage squirrels. Flakes of cayenne can be sprinkled on plants to prevent them from being eaten by squirrels. To prevent them from blowing away it is advisable to spray the plants with water before.
3. Mothballs also keep squirrels away. They have to be replaced when the smells fade away.
4. Crown Imperial plants have a distinct skunk like smell. These bulbs are available. They can be planted in your garden in areas where you want to avoid squirrels.
5. Predator urine sprays are also available which repel squirrels.

Keeping your house California squirrel proof is important. Trimming branches of trees which grow near the attic or roof can prevent squirrels from jumping in. Protecting your plants with garden netting or wire mesh helps.

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