What is an Escondido Snare Pole and How to Use it?

To capture the wild Escondido animal for any purpose like if you want to relocate it, or want to remove it from any area, you can use snare pole. Do not try to hold the animal directly with your hands because it may attack you in aggressiveness to defending itself. Moreover, it may have infectious germs of chronic diseases that can be transferred to your hands and can infect you.

Snare pole
This is the hand instrument to capture the wild California animal. It has a curved aluminum pole and specific design for protection purpose. It may have a strong locking mechanism or it may have simple pushing handle to fit the holding grasp. Locking system helps to place the instrumental loop at the exact place of the animal body. However in manual snare pole, the long handle is used for tightening the grip over the animal Loop has rounded corners and is covered with rubber or wool lining that makes it safe for animals, skunks, raccoons, squirrels, alpacas, and groundhogs and feral cats capture. The handle has a changeable length that keeps distance among the holder or wild animal preventing physical contract. It captures the animal through it neck or head or even leg. In the market, a variety of snares is available and you can choose the most reliable and suitable one. This is seriously a good and safe option and you can perfectly use it with little technical assistance.

How it works
It has a curved shaped loop that length varies when you pull the handle of snare pole. It is to give a strong hold on the animal neck. It is not easy to capture the Escondido animal, and you need to be tricky. You need to go slowly toward the animal without realizing him that you are coming. As you reach to it, suddenly drop noose loop to hold its’ neck and pull the handle accordingly to give the grip. At this point, usually, animals defend and make a sharp movement to escape from it. So, you can further tighten the grip. Use snare pole after wearing protective clothing to make the practice safer. Hold the animal firmly to avoid the damage from it resisting.

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