Free Escondido Snake Removal

Escondido snakes are beautiful creatures found all over the world. An encounter with a snake is however frightening and not desired by most. The bite of a venomous snake is dangerous and often fatal. Snakes are of two types poisonous and non poisonous. Though most snakes are harmless it is difficult to distinguish because of lack of knowledge. If a snake enters your home or yard it is important that it is removed immediately. There are several service agencies who have trained professionals to do the job for a fee.

Free snake removal can be done in one of the following ways:
1. You or your friend can personally remove the snake.
2. Calling the police or fire department. This option may not be always possible since this is not their job and they may have other important duties to do.
3. In case the California snake is a poisonous one calling animal control or wildlife authorities will help. They have trained professionals and their interest in environment conservation aims at catching the snake without killing it.
4. The Biology department of the local college or University may be interested in catching the snake for free. They may need it for their lab and educational purposes.

Method of snake removal
The method of Escondido snake removal depends on the location of the snake. The snake can be indoors or in the garden/yard.

Indoor snake
If the snake is indoors then a glue trap can be used. Glue traps if used should be laid along the walls where the snake is likely to crawl. Once caught the snake is taken to an area far away and released. Vegetable oil can be used to loosen the snake. If you find a California snake in an area where there is a door leading outside then keep it open while closing the doors leading inside. The snake can go out by itself. A broom can be used to push it out. Alternatively the snake can be moved onto a plastic sheet or flat surface and a bin placed over it. By placing one hand on the bin and another on the base it can be flipped so that it lands in the bin. The snake is then removed and let out in the wild.

Outdoor snake
The first step when an Escondido snake is found outside is to ensure that it does not enter the house. The doors leading in have to be properly secured with no gaps or holes. The snake can be moved out by spraying it with water. If a snake nest is found with the snake inside then snake proof fence must be placed around it. Snake eggs must be discarded since snakes hatch and survive without their mother. The presence of an entire family of snakes living in a snake den requires expert help in removal. Prevention of snakes entering is the best way of removal. A well maintained garden with lawn and plants trimmed does not allow a snake to hide. Snakes eat rats and bugs hence leaving food which encourages rats may also encourage snakes.

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